Confessions of a Preacher’s Daughter. My Top 5 Threesomes

Confessions of a Preacher’s Daughter. My Top 5 Threesomes

No body’s perfect. Why can I be any various?

My Top 5 Threesomes

Honestly my dear, we don’t anymore do threesomes, but i really do have a premier five list. I’ll make an effort to place them in chronological purchase to be reasonable, but my memory is only a little foggy for the time frame so that they might not be precisely in this purchase. Just Exactly What? You can’t genuinely believe that I’ve had sufficient threesomes to own a premier five?

1. Do, Re, Mi It’s a Threesome!

We described that one in an early on post My Top 5 Most Memorable Sexual Encounters. One Easter Sunday my gay/bi best friend and I also had been going out in the pool getting packed and high and somehow wound up calling a buddy of mine that I’d been casually dating and now we asked him to come over. After venturing out up to a girls & guys strip club we went back again to the apartment and had a threesome. We don’t ponder over it a full-fledged threesome only because I happened to be maybe maybe not penetrated vaginally. See i will make use of the appropriate terms sometimes. Which was my very first male-male-female threesome.

2. My Very First Female

My very first female-male-female threesome ended up being with a gf of mine Barbie along with her boyfriend Ken. I experienced met her online and she finally asked me personally with them sometime if I would like to hang out. One evening we went up to Barbie & Ken’s apartment and we also possessed a drinks that are few. We immediately got right down to the business of speaking about the thing that was going to happen involving the three of us. We won’t get into information because it had been pretty boring.

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