Do Dudes Like Timid Girls in order to find Them Attractive?

Do Dudes Like Timid Girls in order to find Them Attractive?

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35 thoughts on “Do Guys Like timid Girls in order to find Them Attractive? ”

It is an amazing article. Great guidelines. I will be painfully shy during dates, thus I shall take these guidelines into account. Many Many Thanks.

This can help a whole lot! We thought that is had been the noisy girls that are outgoing constantly obtain the guys good attention…. Huh

We have for ages been ridiculously timid when fulfilling people that are new. Just a few friends that are close understand who I have always been and just exactly what I’m like. I have constantly wished to be considered a little bit more out going but, that’s simply not in my own nature. It is nice once you understand that I could be popular with some body by simply being whom i will be!

I really like this! It’s good to learn that not all the dudes are in to the loud, outspoken girls. Now I’m able to consider my shyness being a blessing instead of a curse. Many thanks!

This simply offered me hope. I’m literally probably the most girl that is shy my college. There’s been this person that I’ve liked since we had been in Kindergarden.

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